Read a book, write a letter

If you’re my age, you probably know LeVar Burton from the original Roots miniseries. If you’re a little younger, you may have watched him on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Even younger–you might know him from Reading Rainbow. Mr. Burton is very talented, and has done much to help children.

When Mr. Burton heard about the Burlington Mall shooting a couple months ago, he sent elementary students in Burlington (I think K-3rd grade) a copy of his book The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. It’s a beautiful story about dealing with loss.

Cash’s class wrote thank you letters to Mr. Burton. Here is Cash’s letter:

Dear Mr. Burton,

Thank you for giving our class these books. You are very sweet and kind. The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm made me feel better about my Grandma’s dog. My Grandma’s dog Scout died about a year ago. I hope you have fun writing books!


Books have so much power. I remember being in the Army, far from home and missing my family, and receiving a package from my mother–the latest book by my favorite author. Thirty years later, I remember how touched I was to receive that gift.

I also remember how much letters meant to me. In this digital age, letters are rare-making them even more special.

So today–give someone you love a book, and write someone you miss a letter.


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